How many buttons on his jacket of my suit should have?

First, if you do not want to miss, choose a single breasted suit, never double-breasted (the jacket) because it is tricky in many ways.
Dois botões = Terno do momento!
That said, when choosing your jacket buttoned simple, not necessarily based on fads to decide the amount of buttons on it. Always consider that a bespoke suit should be timeless as possible, with whys of modernism if you want, but still nothing that lets dated overnight because it is part of those that should last for years in your cupboard in perfect condition to be used on several occasions.

Following this line of thought, then your question should always fall between a jacket 2 or 3 buttons. The 2 buttons are the most versatile because they look good on most masculine silhouettes and are primarily intended for the little tykes. Besides, if you want to know: the 2 button suits are the moment.

Três botões Leo way!

Already the high or very high may benefit from one of three buttons to scale better with your torso and height in general. But the 2 still a good option for them and in the end it is up to the taste and compatibility with the silhouette hammer out this issue. This also applies to the little people, because suits have 3 buttons and the lapel is long and tapered, and even the kind that do not “allow” the top button is closed can also be an option for them. That is also a good for those who are tall one, BTW.

Three buttons Leo way!

Now, four or more buttons is always stuck in the history of fad and when not in is out out it. These should only be considered as an option for NBA players.

Already the 1 button suit is a tricky because it requires a certain charm, a certain balancing act to use without crossing, as it is considered by many men too avant-garde. What other words mean I do not feel very good at it, not because it is “muderninho” too much to face. Pro day he is not very business-like, but for the night can even be a good thing to give that differentiated among the many enternados the piece. But anyway, to beat around diurnamente, it is not the best choice, no. This course, generally speaking. And there is also your fashion factor as 4 or more buttons. But like everything, it depends on the user.

For little kids, a cool way to use a button is bet on the scratching of chalk (not mandatory), with pointed lapels, long and tapered (ie, with a deep V) and snapping it with tie in the same tone or pitch next suit. To the highest, the type … NBA type feel that is missing something to balance the silhouette is a better bet than 2 buttons. For all other … might be an option, sans problem.

Crisis, luxury and renovation: know where walks menswear


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